Time management is hard enough, it’s time to rely on Calendar.AI

Time management” is basically the process of organizing and planning your time in order to accomplish various tasks and activities. As the age old adage goes, “Work smarter, not harder”, one is inclined to be far more productive when they manage their time in a smart manner. 

Most business calendar apps help you manage your schedule, set meetings, and even create agendas, but, do they really solve time management issues? 

Time Management is tough

No matter how fancy and sophisticated your business calendar app is, most likely it doesn’t block phone calls, doesn’t screen WhatsApps, doesn’t prioritize your work, and doesn’t read emails for you! If you need all that, you probably should just spring for a personal assistant!

We provide business data

The Calendar.AI business calendar app saves you time doing manual research into the people and companies you meet with. Who has time to Google every single person they are scheduled to meet? What school did they go to? Where else have they worked? What does their Twitter feed look like? 

When you use the Calendar.AI business calendar app, you’ll walk into every meeting with the confidence you need to make it a success. You’ll have all the information you require to start off on the right track, which is a key point for any successful business meeting. 

Remote work done right

With the onset of Corona, employees, customers, leads, managers and others, fled to the remote corners of the earth to work. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but there are far more people working remotely more than ever. 

Having teams working remotely means more coordinating schedule and meetings and usually an endless loop of back and forth emails about them. Talk about being unproductive! 

Calendar.AI business calendar app enables you to poll a group of people for the best meeting time. See where everyone’s schedule overlaps and schedule meetings are yours and their convenience. 

We get you there on time

One of the biggest time killers most people have in their schedule is traveling. Yes, podcasts are fun to listen to and some people even enjoy the alone time of sitting in their car but it’s still not productive work time. 

Even worse is arriving somewhere early and wasting time sitting around waiting for someone. Again, you can read, catch up on emails, but it’s still not the most productive work time. 

The Calendar.AI business calendar app will get you there exactly on time all the time with our travel time feature! Active it today in your calendar and you’ll never be late or unproductive again. 

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