Thank you Calendar.AI – letters to the “editor”!

I want to share two letters which we received from extremely satisfied Calendar.AI business calendar app customers. It seems one of them was a little skeptical about the calendar app’s new travel time feature and the other is a “converted” enriched data user who has since come to understand its value.

Betty Sherman Real Estate Consultant, San Francisco 

Dear Calendar.AI,

I received your email about the new travel time feature but to be honest I didn’t pay it much attention. “Another calendar app feature” I thought to myself. I’ve lived a long 52 years without so it was really necessary? Long story short, I had a new client which I was supposed to bring to a house showing. I have been trying to slowly roll our daughter into this business and she was supposed to come on this showing as well. I’ve been so enamored with Calendar.AI that I told her she should also install the calendar app. 

At about 10:30 AM she comes running into my office slightly hysterical, and says, “Mom! we need to leave!” I said, “What do you mean, it’s only a 15 minute drive?” She says, “Well Calendar.AI is telling me otherwise, look!” Sure enough she had activated the travel time feature and apparently there was a bit of traffic. 

We collected our things, ran out the door and made the showing on time. If there’s one thing I learned about real estate is that clients don’t like to be left waiting. The maret is littered with various agencies and if you can’t show them the respect of showing up on time, someone else certainly will. I feel very lucky to have an inquisitive daughter!

Calenda.AI literally saved one of my deals. 



Jack Brown, Lawyer, Jefferson City, Tennessee 

Hi Calendar.AI!

You will literally not believe this story. I’ve been using the calendar app for about 6 months now. I work with a lot of clients so having a meeting scheduler like yours makes it easy for me to handle my business meetings. 

I’ve never put my attention into the data feature but now and again I would peruse someone’s history. I was scheduled to meet a client for a fairly large merger deal and arrived early at the restaurant. So, I popped open the Calendar.AI and quickly read through this guy’s profile, noticing that he had attended the now defunct Morristown College. It caught my eye because my law school roommate had also graduated from that institution. 

When my prospective client arrived we made the usual small talk and I commented about his educational background. Long story short, my old roommate was his cousin! Needless to say we closed this deal fast and it was a major deal for my firm. 

Thanks Calendar.AI!

Best Regards, 


There you have it folks, a business calendar app complete with all the trimmings.  Calendar.AI will completely transform the way you attend to your business meetings and scheduling! Start your 7 day free trial today and see what all the fuss is about.

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