Small talk, leads to, big Deals!

Last week we wrote about the importance of making a good first impression at meetings, with a specific focus on showing up on time. But we all know that’s really not enough, seeing how lots of people show up to business meetings on time and still aren’t always successful. 

The main feature we developed for Calls.AI CRM app and Calendar.AI business calendar app is the concept of enriched business data. With one simple tap you get an enormous amount of information regarding the people in your meetings, the companies you meet with, your leads, and your customers. 

It’s not just about time

Granted, tapping on a button and getting valuable information you need, beat spending hours on Google and LinkedIn trying to find people. But, lots of products and apps are designed to save time, this is more about turning you into a success! 

Using Enriched Business Data

The idea behind enriched business data in the calendar app and CRM app, is that when you go out for meetings you will be ‘armed” with valuable information. What better way to break the ice with a new client than by referencing their favorite sports team? Or perhaps you also studied at the same university as them? That would more likely than not create some instant chemistry. No other calendar app or CRM app could possibly provide that sort of connection!

Small Talk Leads to Big Deals

Whether or not we want to admit it, small talk plays a big role in business. Nobody is going to award a $1M sale to someone they basically don’t know or like. So for those people who claim, “I hate making small talk”, either you are in the wrong business or you are using the wrong calendar app and CRM app!

Part of the reason why some people find small talk so daunting is because they don’t know where to start and more often than not any line of questioning makes it sound like the start of a bad first date! “So where did you go to university?” Also, if the person you are talking to is over the age of 30, that question sounds a little bizarre! 

Get them to talk

Every sales person knows you never ask someone a yes or no question because if the answer is no, then it’s a real conversation killer. “So, did you see the game last night?” If the person says, “I didn’ watch it, you can kiss your small talk goodbye. 

A better solution is to tap on their profile in the calendar app or CRM app, and check out their Twitter feed! IF they’ve posted about the boneheaded coaching decision you’ve found your opening! You say, “I can’t believe the coach decided to punt” and let them go! 

The honest truth is that most people like the sound of their own voice and will fill a really strong connection with someone who just listens to them. 

There is a story of a woman who sits down next to a man on a plane. She talks to him throughout the entire flight, not letting him get a word in edgewise. Afterwards she comments to her friends that she sat next to the most delightful man on the plane! 

Connect with data

If your calendar app and CRM aren’t providing you with enriched data which you can use in your business meetings and sales calls, you are using the wrong apps! Check out Calendar.AI and Calls.AI today!

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