The most important meeting in our calendar!

Like most companies, Sync.AI’s team has lots of meetings! There are budget meetings, HR meetings, planning, marketing, development, etc and the list goes on. 

If there is one meeting in our calendar that our entire team takes seriously, it’s the user feedback meeting with our support team. That’s right, as the support team compiles an entire list for all the apps in our portfolio of user generated requests, which we review, prioritize and then insert into the development pipeline. 

As our CEO wrote about in our very first blog post user feedback is critical to our organization and is something we take extremely seriously. 

What’s in your CRM app?

Our CRM app is literally littered with features which were requested by our users. After all, who would know more about exactly what feature they would like than the person actually using the CRM app themselves! 

Other CRM apps are developed by large bureaucratic companies with long winded cycles of product development and then actual development. At Sync.AI we prefer to view ourselves as being nimble and quick. When our team is presented with a user generated request which makes sense, we’re all over it!

Price Proposals

Price proposals is one of those exact features which we kept seeing being requested by our users. So many of the CRM app’s users are in the field and on the go almost never taking a break until they get home late at night. We have freelancers, real estate agents, salespeople, etc. Who wants to come home at night and then have to start entering data into another system to get a proposal out to a customer you spoke with 4 hours ago!

Our development team went to work attacking this issue as quickly as humanly possible and created an instant price propsale feature inside the CRM app. Now users can send price proposals through a multitude of channels instantly from within the CRM app to any of the leads in their pipeline. 

Create more sales

Our mantra at Calls.AI CRM app has always been to create an app which isn’t just efficient and effective but creates more sales opportunities for our customers. 

Do you have any ideas for features relating to sales? If so, drop us a line!

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