Let your calendar drive you around…(not literally of course!)

Self-driving cars are literally all the rage these days. It almost seems like every car company and even some technology companies are getting in on the action trying to develop the technology of the future which will take a completely different approach to driving. 

Well, Calendar.AI is here to say we aren’t getting in on this racket quite yet! But when it comes to driving we have something some of those other companies don’t have. Your calendar app tells you when it’s time to leave!

Never miss a meeting again

Seriously does it really matter who or what drives you to a meeting? Maybe one day we’ll all be flying around with jet packs! The only thing that truly matters is that you get there on time. And the only calendar app which does that seamlessly is Calendar.AI. 

Simply enable the travel time feature in your calendar meetings and you’ll be on your way! Figuratively speaking of course, literally speaking you’ll still have to walk out your door and get to your preferred method of transportation.

Don’t keep them waiting

Is there anybody that likes to be kept waiting these days? Now that Quibi is dead there isn’t even any good content to consume while waiting for your next meeting to start! Ok, that past part is a joke, but in all seriousness showing up on time is of vital importance. 

Tom Coughlin, ex coach of the New York Giants, had a 5 minute rule for all team events. If you aren’t there five minutes early, then you are considered to be late. Now that might be considered a little insane, but it certainly helped them to win TWO Super Bowls. If those players had used our calendar app they would have all had to reprogram their phones to be set early. 

Start your trial today

We know that more than ever people have commitment issues. This is especially true during the Corona season where nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. So we are happy to provide a 7 day free-trial for all new customers, with absolutely no strings attached. Just the most advanced calendar app to serve you!

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