Digital Business Cards in a Flash!

Let’s face it, life before Corona was extremely hectic for most people. In the 1960’s the average college graduate took a job and stayed there more or less until retirement, especially if it was considered a good job. The concept of mobility wasn’t exactly flourishing. With the onset of safer and easier means of transportation, communication, and generally people venturing out of their own space, life becomes a little more complicated. There were no calendar apps, CRM apps, social media apps, etc. I think you get the point!

We’re always on the go

Whether it’s business meetings, carpools, friends, or family gatherings people are constantly on the go. In the “old days” when you left the house, you needed a wallet, keys, credit cards, etc. Now, basically all you need is a well charged smartphone!

Why carry cards with you?

Who needs the hassle of carrying business cards these days when you can send digital ones. It used to be a symbol of prestige now it’s just added clutter for your desk and the person you gave it to, assuming they didn’t toss it in the bin the moment they left the meeting! If you meet a prospect, chances are you are entering their details in your CRM app anyway and will be in touch with them. 

Update for free

Business owners know the frustration of creating business cards, which have to be ordered in batches of the hundreds only to then have to change some details, because they moved offices, switched email providers, created a new social media profile etc. 

Calls.AI CRM app provides an instant digital card which can be fully customized to suit your needs. Want to give someone just your work number? Customize it! Want to give a lead your home number and personal cell number? Customize it!

Moving at your pace

Our CRM app understands your life is in a constant state of motion. Clients, meetings, sales pitches, family events, etc. So we’re packing our CRM app with as many features as we can to help facilitate your meetings and sales calls. Price proposals, instant dialing, customized columns and now customized digital business cards are all part of the pact we made with you, our clients. We want to provide the best, most efficient, and intuitive CRM app on the market!

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