So many leads and so little time…

Did you know that American’s spent over $500M on time management training activities during 2020? And for what!? The average time management training program basically tells you to be more organized, use as few task management tools as possible, and prioritize your workload according to the desired results. There, we just saved your company $$$ on this year’s training! 

Ok, so we’re exaggerating slightly but the concept holds true. While many of the issues behind time management are personality related there’s always the need for some sophisticated tools to help you along. 

More than just a mobile CRM

Most mobile CRM’s are one dimensional tools enabling users to track customers. A lot of them offer a connection to a desktop application where much of the “magic” takes place. 

We set out to create a one stop solution for mobile CRM apps which didn’t require further integrations to software and of course, don’t upsell you those integrations as you progress further along in the funnel. 

Tasks don’t exist in a vacuum

One of the problems most sales people have with task management software is that it’s all connected to a desktop application. The issue is that so many of them are in the field away from their computers! 

A secondary issue is that many salespeople don’t work for big companies that can afford to integrate with robust CRM systems. They need a mobile CRM app which provides flexibility, efficiency and affordability. 

Tasks should lead to sales

Our mobile CRM is designed to basically do one thing. Create sales! Part of the way we do this is by connecting all tasks to individual leads. Generic tasks which are often input into systems as ambiguous, banal activities such as “create report” are transformed into “create report for Brian Kilmore”. Aside from saving time pondering which tasks pertain to which lead you’ll look far more professional handling all tasks related to sales leads on time and as promised. 

A mobile CRM with a kick!

In addition to tasks which are connected directly to leads, you can follow up those leads with price proposals, suggested call times, a personalized business card, and much more! 

Stay tuned! Tomorrow we’ll delve into why task management is so vital to your business and what else our mobile CRM app can do to help.

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